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Drilling & Completions Equipment, Offshore Operations Support and Rig Modifications

ICON are specialist rig engineers. In addition to its rig modifications, repairs and inspection services, ICON has designed, fabricated and installed a wide range of specialised drilling equipment and components for use on floating drilling rigs (semi-submersibles and drillships) and jack up rigs. 

  • Heave Compensated Tension Lift Frames
  • In-situ or Emergency Rig Engineering Requirements
  • Coiled Tubing and Riser Protection Equipment

These can take the form of permanent rig equipment or in support of project specific drilling, completions and intervention operations.One of ICON’s specialties is in supporting the safe interventions, completion and testing stages of deepwater offshore wells using floating drilling rigs.  ICON’s equipment assists the vessel in safely drilling and testing live wells even while riding out adverse sea conditions.

ICON's long track record in supporting operations on drilling rigs has given them a thorough understanding of rig drilling equipment, allowing them to provide cutting edge drilling and well support solutions to their wide range of clients.

Install and Operate

ICON engineers install and will frequently operate the equipment they have designed. The equipment is often tested in ICON’s yard at the Henderson Australian Maritime Complex south of Perth, before being sent offshore. This cycle of innovative design and practical construction is critical in producing fit-for-purpose and easily installable offshore solutions.

It also builds the engineers’ wealth of experience, enabling them to fully understand clients’ needs; ICON engineers understand the need to provide safe, optimised operations that reduce critical path rig time.  This adds up to significant savings for the client.

ICON tailors solutions to specific problems from concept, to detailed design, and through to fabrication and offshore installation.

Successful ICON Drilling Equipment and Drilling Operations Support projects to date include:

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