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Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) Conductor Support Technology

The Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) technology saves money and environmental risks by pre-installing conductor support, for example, in deepwater / shallow reservoirs or in soft geotechnical conditions.

The conventional drilled/cemented or jetted conductor is replaced by a Conductor Anchor Node, which is a specially designed suction anchor with integrated conductor.

A DP vessel is used to install the CAN/Conductor ahead of rig arrival, thus removing the 36’’ (42’’) hole drilling, conductor running and cementing operations from the rig drilling schedule.


Neodrill_Icon CAN vs Conventional benefits graphic.jpg

There are many benefits to pre-installing a Neodrill ICON Conductor Anchor Node (CAN)


CAN satellite well_wellhead_flowbase.jpg

A production version of the CAN - the CAN-integrator - is a proven and cost effective satellite well solution. Shown here (minus the actual CAN) is the integration of a GE Wellhead, Flowbase & XT, and CompOcean Protection Structure


CAN under fabrication 500

A Conductor Anchor Node being fabricated for the Australian market


Developed by Neodrill and marketed by ICON Engineering, the Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) offers multiple benefits:


Installing Conductor Anchor Node CAN on Woodside Ferrand exploration well from a vessel instead of a drilling rig

Installing the world's deepest CAN on Woodside's Ferrand exploration well, 2018.
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