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The CAN Reduces Risks to Conductor Jetting Operations

Jetting operations are a cost efficient method of installing a conductor in suitable soils.

Two main risk items have to be controlled when using this method.


These are:

  • The conductor is too long, resulting in excessive stickup and insufficient lateral support
  • The conductor is too short, which lacks axial support for subsequent well construction

The use of a CAN will mitigate both risks by:

  • Adding substantial axial conductor support, mitigating the lack of axial conductor support
  • Conductor can be shortened, mitigating risk of excessive stickup

The CAN will give six fold increase in lateral axial conductor support.

Several CAN units with jetted conductors have been deployed with excellent technical and cost results. 

The Conductor Anchor Node which incorporates a non-integrated conductor is called CAN-Basic.

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