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The CAN reduces Drilling Costs and Drilling Rig Time

The CAN-ductor is installed prior to the arrival of the drilling rig by either a Construction Support Vessel or Anchor Handling vessel.  A CAN-ductor can be installed in just 12 hours.


The pre-installation of the CAN-ductor removes the 42” drilling, conductor running and cementing operation from the drilling rig’s critical path.   The drilling rig can arrive on site and commence drilling the first casing section, completely eliminating the rig drilling activities associated with the conductor campaign. 

By omitting the 36" (42") hole drilling, conductor material and logistics costs, conductor cementing and service personnel costs, large net cost savings are achieved.

Recovery of the CAN-ductor can be achieved with a shorter duration on the drilling rig critical path by reducing the number of trips downhole compared with casing cutting and wellhead recovery.  The CAN-ductor has been shown to save 3-4 drilling rig days (including P&A) per well. 

When the CAN-integrator is used on production wells, final tie-in to the production system can be achieved at an earlier point in the field development which can result in acceleration of first production.

Overall, the CAN-ductor will enable significant well cost savings in most applications, in addition to offering measurable risk mitigation effects.

offshore Construction vessel.jpg

Light installation vessels or anchor handling tugs are a significantly cheaper option when installing a Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) than using a semi-submersible for cementing and other associated pre-drilling activities. 


Woodside Punch and Go CAN faster drilling graphic.png

An accelerated drilling timetable due to deploying a Conductor Anchor Node (CAN). Courtesy Woodside Energy.
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