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The CAN is a foundation system for production wells that allows integration of Subsea Production System (SPS) components

The CAN-integrator is a well foundation that can support equipment that perform drilling, Subsea Production System (SPS) or Structures, Umbilical, Riser Flowlines (SURF) functions. 

This enables parts of the well construction and SPS or SURF installation to be undertaken prior to the rig arriving at the location. 


By providing access to, and the exact position of, SPS / SURF interfaces early in the field development plan, early connection to the field hardware can be achieved.  This early connection can expedite early production from the wells.

Can-integrator WSS4
A CAN-integrator shown in closed position with scour protection (North Sea model), and with ROV commencing operations


This pre-installed well foundation can support a wide range of equipment. This achieves fewer foundations in the field, reduced installation costs and potentially a lower connector count. 

The equipment that can be supported by the CAN includes:

  • Flow Base or Lower X-mas Tree
  • Guideposts and guidebase systems
  • Flow line pull-in point
  • Umbilical pull-in point
  • Umbilical termination head
  • Parking stands
  • Control module installation
  • Anode skids
  • Protective structure

Can-intergrator WSS2

The CAN-integrator shown in an open position for drilling and intervention activities


The pre-installation of the production system will enable the rig to put the well on production prior to leaving location.

Thus the need for killing the well, risking production losses caused by high skin factors, is avoided.

In addition, the CAN enables safer well construction, and higher well load capacities, including accidental loads / fatigue will be attained, as well as risk mitigation given the Conductor is pre-installed and tested before rig arrival.


CAN satellite well_wellhead_flowbase.jpg

A production version of the CAN - the CAN-integrator - is a proven and cost effective satellite well solution. Shown here (minus the actual CAN) is the integration of a GE Wellhead, Flowbase & XT, and CompOcean Protection Structure
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