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The CAN’s Single Lift Deployment offers Multiple Health Safety and Environmental Advantages

The CAN-ductor can be installed with a single lift from a vessel that has the hardware and layout suitable for heavy lifting. This single operation is significantly safer than the repeated lifting and handling of heavy conductor sections onto and around the drilling rig associated with traditional conductor running operations. 


The best form of risk mitigation for handling injuries associated with conductor handling (onshore and offshore) is elimination. Since deployment of the CAN-ductor from a vessel is a hands-free operation, this eliminates traditional rig (and shore based) conductor handling operations and the potential injuries associated with these conductor handling operations.

The CAN-ductor’s load capacity can be verified during installation, this is not something that can be achieved with a traditional conductor.  By verifying the well foundation capacity early on, the residual risk of a foundation failure or slumping when greater loads are applied at the well head is greatly reduced.

The CAN will also give the well a significantly increased accidental load capacity, in case of a rig drive off/drift off scenario, which can never be fully ignored in a risk evaluation.

By eliminating open hole drilling, cuttings and fluids are not dispersed through the subsea environment.  Consequently the CAN-ductor has a far lower environmental impact.


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