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The Conductor Anchor Node (CAN) is a Low Cost, Reusable Exploration Well Foundation available for Rental or Purchase

After the CAN-ductor has served its purpose as a well foundation, the process required to abandon the well and recover the CAN-ductor is as simple and quick as the installation.

The CAN-ductor can be recovered using either a Construction Support Vessel or Anchor Handling vessel after the drilling rig has departed.  A CAN-ductor can be removed in just 12 hours. 

The CAN and can be re-used or refurbished onshore. 

ICON successfully  recovered the Ferrand-A CAN as planned and can provide the system on a rental basis from Dampier, Western Australia. 

ICON can supply a bespoke CAN where optimisation is critical to operations or economics.


CAN recovered on Dampier wharf1000pix.jpg

The CAN was recovered and backloaded onto a Dampier wharf for refurbishment and redeployment on a rental, or purchase basis.
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