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MODU Logistics

With the remoteness of many oil and gas facilities, logistics plays an important role in the mobilisation of material and equipment.

CTLF on truck.JPG

A Compensated Tension Lift Frame (CTLF) being readied for road tranport


The requirements for transporting items to offshore and onshore locations can be quite involved. Many aspects have to be managed. These can include:

  • Organising road, sea or air carriers

  • Oversized transportation requirements

  • Heavy lifting cranes and vessels

  • Insurance

  • Quarantine procedures,

  • Duties and tax requirements.

Whether you have an onshore or an offshore facility, ICON can manage all the logistical aspects required to ensure that your equipment, whether large or small, arrives on time and intact with minimal costs incurred.

Global logistics - delivering equipment on time, meeting demanding project schedules.JPG

Loading an emergency tool for transport to a remote offshore location
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