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Well Fluid Management Interfacing

On occasions, the use of specific equipment to clean up and control drilling fluids is required for coiled tubing and completion operations.

The equipment to support this work can be large and cumbersome, requiring significant piping and structural interface works to ensure full integration into existing MODU structure and systems.

ICON were engaged by Woodside to provide engineering support to modify existing tank modules, as well as provide engineering design and fabrication of new pump skids and degasser support frames. This upgrade was to a Pressure Fluid Management System (PFMS) being installed on the Atwood Eagle Drilling rig for a Pluto well.

3D model of Modified PFMS system.jpg

A 3D model of the modified Produced Fluids Management System (PFMS)


The new design incorporated a stacking arrangement and streamlined pipework that greatly reduced the PFMS footprint and rig up time. The entire spread weighted approximately 120 tonnes.

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