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Riser Recovery Equipment

Sometimes offshore drilling operations do not go to plan. One of our clients experienced a broken marine drilling riser while drilling in 6000 feet of water. The riser parted at 3000 ft depth when a 42inch flange parted. The drill pipe spanning between the broken flanges was all that was preventing a catastrophic collapse of the drilling riser and a potential blowout.

Marine Riser recovery clamp fast engineeringVERTICAL.JPG

Marine Riser Recovery Clamp


ICON designed and built a large ROV deployable tool rated at approximately 400 tonnes to clamp around and latch onto the two riser flanges. The customer chartered a Russian Antonov aircraft to pickup the tool and tonnes of associated deployment equipment from Perth, the tool was ready to go 32 hours after the emergency call was received.

8. Global logistics - delivering equipment on time, meeting demanding project schedules.JPG

Loading the Riser Recovery Unit onto the Antonov special charter aircraft
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