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3D Survey

For many years, the industry completed the majority of offshore surveys the old fashioned way – with a measuring tape and sketch pad. During the design process onshore there always seemed to be a measurement or a detail missed.

The use of 3D scan technology can capture millions of data points in a very short space of time, with incredible accuracy. Point cloud data is captured during the scan process and from this an accurate 3D model can be built accurate to within a few millimetres over distances up to 100m.

So with 3D scans, you can easily interrogate the model for that extra dimension and know with certainty that the information is correct. ICON’s designers are experienced with using 3D CAD programs and know how to use this technology to its maximum potential.

5. 3D Laser Scan - Critical for rig interfacing, clash detection and eliminating downtime offshore.JPG

3D scans are critical for rig interfacing, clash detection and eliminating offshore downtime

Typical projects where ICON has successfully used 3D scanning include:

  • Installation of Riser tensioner turndown sheaves: 

The area was congested with electrical cables, pipework and structure. The rig was over 30 years old and no accurate drawings existing.

The area was under the drill floor and over water and would have required scaffolding to access.
Instead a day’s scanning offshore with a 3D scanner together with a few days back on shore to build the 3D model was all that was required to capture all the information needed to complete the design with confidence that all of the obstructions had be accurately identified.

  • Installation of new drilling equipment onboard drill ship

3D model of Modified PFMS system.jpg

A 3D scan of a modified PFMS system
  • Installation of new tree carrier

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