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EPC Modifications to Drilling Rigs, Offshore Platforms and FPSOs

ICON progresses projects from concept to installation by providing a dedicated team to manage, design, procure and construct their solutions.

Modifications to Texas deck guide wires also shown.jpg

Rig modifications include installation and modifications of Texas Decks and supporting equipment


Because of our understanding of drilling practices and how rigs are actually used in operation, ICON can produce concepts and schedules that work around drilling operations, minimising any operational interference.

We have undertaken projects in most of the world’s oil provinces. ICON understand local requirements and can adapt solutions and methods to ensure work is successfully completed on time and under budget.

ICON has safely performed modifications to all classes of mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) and has experience in mobilising supervision, labour, materials, plant and equipment to worldwide locations.

Blacktip crane.jpg

ICON installed a new crane on ENI's Blacktip development


ICON understands the fast track nature of contracting in the preparation for drilling, testing and completion projects.  They provide turnkey solutions, optimised through a detailed concept evaluation and planning phase to minimise downtime and disruption to other higher cost, critical path activities. This is done by reducing offshore hotwork and crane requirements as far as practicable.

ICON’s turnkey solutions are customised to suit client requirements. We can undertake all management, supervision, surveying, planning, detailed design, interfacing, fabrication and procurement, and installation and testing activities in-house or using our approved sub-suppliers. This gives clients the confidence that the execution phase of ICON projects will be carried out efficiently, safely and to the requisite quality.

ICON can organise classification approval for all modifications and repairs that are undertaken. Their familiarity with classification requirements allows a streamlined classification approval process for your offshore systems.


The Noble Tom Prosser


ICON has a proven track record of being able to deliver projects to meet even the most demanding schedule. Their dedicated team can be mobilised at short notice to assist in resolving and rectifying any unforeseen issues and can carry out all work fronts in the shortest possible timeframe.

Typical ICON Rig Modifications include:
  • Conductor deck design, fabrication and installation
  • Deck additions, extensions and strengthening
  • King post and burner boom upgrades
  • Equipment, electrical and piping upgrades and repairs
  • Fairlead replacements
  • Derrick modifications
  • Crane repairs, replacements and support strengthening
  • Tension system upgrades
  • Structural, emergency or planned repairs
  • Modification to integrate ROV spreads
  • Lifeboat upgrades
Main Rig Modification Capabilities
  • Turnkey solutions customised to suit specific technical and schedule requirements
  • Rig site surveys, laser surveys, concept evaluation, verification services, capacity checks.
  • Detailed design, production of equipment handling sequences and any other engineering services required to complete modifications
  • Fabrication, procurement, testing and verification of structure, equipment and services
  • Site installation, repair, modification, uprating, extension and replacement of structure, equipment and services
  • Interfacing with all interested parties, project management and site supervision of modifications
  • NDT of lifting equipment
  • Independent review of 3rd party engineering calculations or designs.


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