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Minimal Offshore Facilities

One of ICON’s core specialties is in providing innovative, unmanned offshore facilities which can be either installed by Jackup rig or traditional derrick barge.

Our capabilities also include the design and installation of:

ICON Engineering has installed more structures using Jack-up rigs than any other company in the world.

Our extensive installation experience allows us to optimise the design to minimise installation costs and construction risks. We can design a wide range of rig installable, offshore structures. The choice of configuration depends on the water depth, metocean conditions, geotechnical conditions, topsides and well requirements, jackup rig capability, loadout and transportation method. ICON can design the optimum solution for the particular application.

Self-Installing Platforms allow for installation without the need for costly barge or rig use. They also have adaptive foundations and are relocatable.

Self-Installing Topsides enable a flexible, relocatable approach for topside installations on platforms. This involves jacking or winching modules to the underside of platforms, before they are secured in place. These modules can be attached and removed with relative ease, allowing for greater flexibility in operation.

A typical 2 well Minnowpod configured for gaslifted production from one well and water disposal into the other. Self-erecting wireline equipment is also shown.jpg

A typical 2-well Minnowpod configured for gaslifted production from one well and water disposal into the other.


The ICON design team is well versed in the design of practical, efficient, ergonomically friendly offshore facilities. This expertise is underwritten by our long history of designing minimal offshore structures and process facilities for O&G Operators.

We have a sound understanding of hazardous area zoning as well as the requirements for efficient materials handling, emergency escape and process system access. These skills are regularly polished as we continue to support the offshore drilling industry in addition to the development of new production facilities.


Simpson field Minnowpod completed and suspended conductors awaiting installation of topsides.jpg
A pair of completed and suspended Minnowpod conductors awaiting installation of topsides
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