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Offshore Construction

ICON can provide Construction Management services for any construction work being undertaken. As part of our service, we can provide Project Management, Scheduling, Budget Estimates, POB Management and Risk Assessment.

Having extensive onsite experience, our engineers have a real practical appreciation of the construction work involved. This allows us to produce practical solutions, together with accurate estimates when compiling construction schedules and Budgets.

Having delivered numerous offshore construction projects for various clients, we can manage all the personnel requirements. ICON can ensure all construction workers engaged onsite are competent and have undertaken the necessary training required to work on your facility.

At ICON, safety is paramount in how we operate. When developing Risk Assessments, we use our construction knowledge to determine the inherent risks for each stage of the proposed construction work. We then make every endeavour to avoid, minimise or eliminate the inherent risks involved.

ICON can manage all the construction requirements for your job. This includes prefabrication, onsite welding, post weld testing and scaffolding.

As part of our comprehensive service, we can organise quality prefabrication for various items including structural components, pressure vessels and pipe work. Using accredited procedures, we can arrange Third Party Verification for all of our design and fabrication jobs.

Further to organising prefabrication, we can provide onsite welding for all works required. As with our prefabrication works, our provision of in situ welding covers a range of materials and items including structural and piping systems.

In addition to providing fabrication services, we can organise the erection and hiring of scaffolding for any proposed works that may require temporary access and support. ICON can organise quick, economical, engineered scaffolding that complies with the governing standards.     

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