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NeoDrill is the developer of the CAN (Conductor Anchor Node), which is a wellhead surface casing based on a suction can foundation. This novel and patented approach of installing subsea wellhead foundations delivers significant cost savings and offers technical advantages to operators.

ICON is pleased to represent NeoDrill and its range of products in Australia and regionally. Contact us for more information.


NeoDrill's suction CAN based wellhead provides some interesting benefits to operators:

  • It enables the pre-installation of the surface casing without a rig, saving rig time and delivering well cost reduction;
  • The CAN is useful in weak seabeds or when the tree and or BOP is particulary heavy.
  • The NeoDrill CAN creates a significantly stronger wellhead foundation and is able to carry much larger wellhead loads compared to traditional surface casing
  • The CAN provides directional drilling access to very shallow reservoirs by allowing the well to deviate at a shallow depth;
  • The CAN improves casing fatigue life.

CLICK to have a look at how the NeoDrill CAN works.


Contact ICON or NeoDrill for more details on how we can help your project.

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