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ICON places the highest priority on safety and a healthy work place for employees and our contractors' employees. 

We continually work towards these objectives by implementing the following policies:

  • Customer Focus policy

  • Health and Safety Policy

  • Environmental Policy

  • Quality Policy

Customer Focus policy

ICON prides itself on its focus on the customer – our partner. We believe in long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers and create value through collaboration.

We see things from the customer’s perspective – understanding their business and anticipating their requirements. We are proactive in meeting their expectations.

We design legendary innovations and practical solutions for our customers. ICON recognizes that superior value-added service is a critical factor in the customer’s choice of engineer; the numerous accolades we have received from the industry speak louder than words.

ICON has some of the fastest response times, and has set significant innovative records in the industry. Each year our customers recognize our employees for displaying initiative and going beyond the call of duty to meet their needs.

Our combined experience with drilling rigs and offshore production facilities - fixed and floating, has led to ICON’s reputation as a rig installation specialist with a strong facilities engineering capability. We solve facilities installation challenges in unique ways using drilling rigs, and solve drilling problems using facilities design experience.

This unique skill combination allows us to add value across client’s drilling and facilities departments.

Health and Safety Policy

ICON Engineering places the highest priority on having a safe and healthy work place for employees and our contractors’ employees. Our aim is to achieve an accident free and healthy work place and to be recognised by the industry and our employees as a company which is committed and proactive in this area. All ICON employees recognise and accept their responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy work place and work in a manner which ensures safety for themselves and others.


To achieve this, ICON will:

  • Meet or exceed the safety and health standards required by the Government and by our clients.
  • Institute and utilise a Safety Management System as an integral part of our business to provide assurance that hazards are assessed and that measures are in place to control them.
  • Provide health and safety training to employees as required.
  • Where possible, utilise contractors who can meet or exceed ICON’s health and safety standards.
  • Set targets and provide an environment that will create a desire to meet the targets and continuously improve performance.

Environmental Policy

ICON Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to conducting its activities in an environmentally responsible manner. Our goal is to meet or exceed the environmental protection standards set by the industry, government and our clients.

To achieve this, ICON will:

  • Comply with all applicable laws, regulations and standards for the protection of the environment.
  • Integrate environmental protection into our business by planning activities to avoid or mitigate adverse environmental impacts.
  • Work actively with our clients to develop appropriate solutions to issues.
  • Encourage employees and subcontractors to foster a sense of responsibility for environmental protection by seeking their input and by providing training and information on environmental matters.
  • Conserve resources by the efficient use of energy, reductions of emissions and discharges, eliminating unnecessary waste and recycling where practical.

Quality Policy

ICON Engineering Pty Ltd is committed to provide our clients with functional, safe and environmentally responsible engineering products and services.  This policy applies to all our employees and contractors engaged in activities with ICON.  The objectives of our Quality Management System are:

  • To provide services that meets expectations and satisfies the needs of our clients.

  • To consistently maintain high standards of performance in all our endeavours.

  • To satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Requirements and work towards requirements of 2015 code.

  • Establish and monitor, on an annual basis, measurable objectives for achieving improvement in effectiveness and particularly delivery of quality products to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Recruit and manage on the basis of competence and performance such that we can deliver at a high level of effectiveness.

    ICON achieves these objectives by using and maintaining a Quality Management System and creating a culture that empowers and rewards people who act in accordance with this policy:


  • Doing the right thing, the right way, first time, every time, on time.

  • Clear demonstration of commitment to ICON’s policies and procedures together with Quality Improvement by management and all employees for their area of responsibility.

  • Ensuring that service and product support to clients is responsive, courteous and timely.

  • Actively monitoring recruitment, promotions and staff skill capability. 

    The Managing Director together with support from the Executive Team is accountable to the Board of Directors for ensuring this policy is implemented.  This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated as required.  ICON Engineering Pty Ltd Managers are expected to ensure this policy is implemented and integrated into all activities.

    Our commitment to Quality Assurance, together with the knowledge, skills, continuing professional development and dedication of our staff, will maintain delivery of quality services to our customers.

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