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Our Purpose & Values

ICON is a customer focused company. Our mission is to be supplier of choice to our existing and new Customers.

Whether we are discussing ideas for projects, finding ways to solve our clients problems, or building new partnerships, we are committed to incorporating the following core values in all of our conduct and decision making:

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Understand customers goals and needs then deliver value by staying connected, flexible, and responsive. Build enduring relationships by always providing great service.


Empower and trust employees to work at full capability to deliver value to our customers and ourselves. Lead by example, take accountability.


Expend all efforts to ensure everyone returns home safely. Create a sustainable and respectful place to work. Safeguard our environment and have regard for regulations.


Build long lasting trust with partners, clients and ourselves through integrity, openness and collaboration. Respect all people we come into contact with.


Be creative and ambitious in all our endeavors, striving for innovation, continuous improvement, market leadership and value addition. Approach all tasks with an open mind.

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