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Oil Search: CALM buoy

I’d like to express our appreciation for the efforts of ICON Engineering during the recent decommissioning project for the Bluewater CALM Buoy located in the Gulf of Papua.

OSL acknowledges the challenges faced by ICON Engineering on such a fast track and unique project such as this, especially the constantly evolving decommissioning strategy. 

OSL commends the efforts of the whole ICON Engineering team, they tackled this project with great enthusiasm and professionalism.  The preparatory engineering, procedures, procurement, fabrication and field engineering performed by ICON Engineering was instrumental in the overall safe execution of the project.

This has been a long time coming for OSL and we’re pleased to no longer have to differentiate between the “old” and “new” CALM Buoys anymore.

Export System Lead

Woodside: Sedco 703

“When faced with the prospect of having to pull the Sedco 703 LMRP to repair an inoperable riser dump valve, Woodside contacted ICON Engineering to design, manufacture and test an ROV installable external plug.

Within two days Icon had completed design, fabrication and delivery of this equipment, which installed and operated flawlessly first time. This equipment resulted in a saving of approximately AUD$2M.

We understand and appreciate that ICON Engineering and their fabricators worked around the clock to meet our tight schedule and that ICON also worked closely with Subsea 7 and our logistics contacts to ensure that the system would be suitable for commercial freight, helicopter transit and ROV installation.

Woodside places great emphasis on exceptional performance, and [we] both would personally like to thank the ICON staff and yourself for providing exceptional service under tight delivery schedules.”

Well Delivery Manager

Drilling Superintendent

 Santos: Stag platform

“We received ICON’s report for Stag’s workover and platform rigging inspections.  Thanks you for a professional and comprehensive report. Please pass on a thank you to the guys involved in the inspections, their conduct was very professional while on board.”

PIC – Stag Platform

McDermott Australia: Ichthys Mid Depth Buoy

“Many thanks for your fabulous efforts today and making the MDB 80% Design Review a success with merely 14 action items (all of which have been relatively minor) to close.  The presentation was to the point and showed a well-coordinated effort between design teams, geotechnical engineering, fabrication, loadout and installation with excellent attention to IMR / sparing requirements. Both XX and XX have commended that this is one of the best and well-presented 80% design reviews they have sat in. DNV and LOC were happy too.”

Deputy Engineering Manager: RSS & MDB

Atwood Oceanic: Atwood Eagle

“Just thought I would give you some feedback on your team who have been here for the last week and for the team remaining here.  It was a pleasure to have you and your team onboard, they integrated into the Atwood Eagle SMS without any problems or complaints.

Their attitude to personal and workspace safety and housekeeping in the areas they worked is something other Third Party companies could use as an example.  Thank you and I look forward to working with your team in the future, their work ethic makes my job easy.”

HSE Advisor - Offshore

Chevron Australia: Yammaderry / Skate Recompletion project

“I would like to express our thanks to ICON Engineering for the work scope completed in support of the Yammaderry and Skate Recompletion project.  Chevron appreciates the extra effort these three gentlemen provided during the many scope changes and additional work requests. The last minute design and fabrication of the Jacking Support Frame and urgent engineering support provided by Peter over the Christmas period saved Chevron a large amount of time.

We appreciate the level of attention ICON paid to promoting an incident free workplace.  Matthew and Alan’s detailed planning in support of this key area of the operation played an important part in maintaining a safe and efficient workplace.

It has been a pleasure working with ICON Engineering and we look forward to doing so again in the future.”

Drilling Manager

DOF Subsea: Challis Decommissioning works

“Now that the dust (splash) has settled following Phase 1 of the Challis work, I just want to formally record our appreciation of the work performed by your team on the project for us. Not only was the work technically challenging, but the timescales you were working to, the level of information we had to work with, and the limitations for installation of the systems on board just added to the level of effort required in producing solutions – which the team did brilliantly.

I know from timesheets that many people worked long hours and weekends to deliver designs, always a very big ask when helping somebody else, so please ensure that our thanks is passed onto all who were involved.

A special mention must of course go to your project manager, who headed up the team.  His quiet but thorough and methodical approach was fantastic, and the hours he put in were unbelievable – especially when I know that to do so he was sacrificing training for races which he subsequently has to withdraw from.  Whatever day or time I was working email he was on the other end, including the Christmas period when he was back in Sydney. He also sat in on numerous meetings with PTTEP and their Marine Warranty Surveyor, both of whom were similarly impressed with his ability.  Once again, many thanks for all involved.”

Project Manager

GE Oil & Gas: Glasgow

“I would like to personally thank you for the support and progress ICON provided during the build and testing of the ARTP cylinder in the US.  Your project manager met the challenge of the build issues and time sensitive schedule with commitment and diligence. I appreciate the efforts your team went to, allowing me to witness pre-testing. I know this achievement involved working through the weekend and regular late nights.

Please continue to support the OCTP project with the pro-active professionalism I have witnessed so far.”

Lead Engineer Completions

Transocean Legend

“I am very happy with your team leaders.  The team have conducted their operation with a good safety attitude, participated in our START program, they have conducted / participated in emergency drills from confined space and they demonstrated professionalism during their activities. Very good performance.”

OIM Transocean Legend

Transocean: Deepwater Frontier APV Rack Install

“The team that was onboard carried out an excellent job, I wsa pretty impressed with the.  We had no delays, the guys planned everything well so we could get them what was required before they actually needed it. Thanks for your work on this and I have alrady spoken to my managers on how well this job went.”

Senior Subsea Supervisor, Deepwater Frontier

Chevron Australia: Gorgon Completions Interface Testing

“Your ICON rep has done top shelf performance with his site work. Quite a number of visitors and stakeholders decided to come down for a better understanding of the ICON system.  I witnessed his enthusiasm to follow our induction guidelines and procedures established for safe operations.

That level of engagement and concern is fully supported and endorsed for all phases, please update the CTRs accordingly.”

Subsea Drilling & Completions, Gorgon

Atwood Oceanics Equipment Backload list

“Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the rest of the ICON team onboard for th work performed.  From all feedback and updates I received, there was good planning, communication and execution of the workscope and job ran smoothly.

I also received positive reports from our management team onboard regards ICON participating and adhering to our safety systems and policies during the time onboard. Just wanted to acknowledge and pass on my thanks.”

Operations Superintendent – Atwood Eagle

Woodside: Greater Western Flank rig modifications

“Many thanks go to the ICON and Atwood team for executing the successful installation / demobilisation of all of the rig mods in a both safe and efficient manner.  Please pass on my appreciation and congratulate all involved for the professionalism and the hard work shown throughout the Greater Western Flank project.

It makes our project execution a lot easier and goes towards a safer environment to work in.  I look forward to continuing to work together in the future.”

Subsea Engineer, Tree Systems

Woodside: Subsea Umbilical Sheaves

“The Subsea team landed the EDP/LRP in the moonpool with the umbilical already run through the sheaves last night. In the morning call it was reported that it was all a quick and smooth operation. Mission accomplished, job well done.”

Completions Engineer

Woodside: Laminaria/Corallina Motion Compensator

“On behalf of the Laminaria Drilling & Completions team, I would like to thank you and your company for providing the above equipment. Your ability to develop the concept through detailed design, manufacture and more importantly offshore commissioning in such a short period of time was critical to meeting our tight offshore schedule. Your offshore involvement resulted in a smooth transition, with our rig personnel, who would admit to being more than a little sceptical, being easily converted to full ‘ownership’ of this unique equipment.

Several other applications exist for this equipment around the world, prompted by the increased demand for deepwater subsea completions and aging rigs with limited heave compensator ratings. I can provide you with the names of key personnel in the Shell worldwide network and would encourage you to promote this product. We will also be discussing this product both internally (Woodside's Well Construction Learning Meeting) and we would be pleased to work with you on a joint technical paper upon conclusion of our offshore campaign.

Once again, please pass on our thanks to all your personnel involved in this project.”

Head of Drilling & Completions, Laminaria and Corallina Development

Transocean Legend:  PV Installation

“I'm on board at the moment and I have to say I'm impressed with the quality of the job you and crew carried out. I'll be back in town next week and we can meet some during the week. Thanks.”

Rig Manager: Asset Transocean Legend


“All went well with the interface check. Trimmed off the Flowbase feet for clearance to gimbal after unlatching. Thanks one and all for assistance.”

Woodside Subsea Supervisor

Woodside: Airhoist Connections

“Once again great work by your Offshore Team with the umbilical roller job. All Rig  personnel were mighty impressed with the way you guys did your business, Please pass on a big thanks to the team.  Great work.”

Sub Sea Engineer, Subsea Function

Ensco:  Flareboom Project

“We will be looking at giving ICON preference in any future contract work on board based on your employees attitudes as well performance” 

Rig Manager


“I would not hesitate in using or recommending your company for future work.”

Senior Drilling Superintendent

Geo Subsea

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team at ICON for your professional cooperation, flexibility and fast turn around of changing requirements and last minute issues (particularly over the Easter break). Looking forward to working with ICON again.”

General Manager Service Projects

Origin Energy: Jingemia engine installation

“It is with some degree of pride that the team at Jingemia has successfully installed and run up the new Cummins V-12 tri-fuel engine for JP-003B. It will be loaded up to near full speed and pump flow with close monitoring by ICON and Origin, thus far running sweetly and expect it to remain so. The whole team need to be thanked.” 

Operations Superintendent WA

Seastream JV Pyrenees Project

“Agreed by all that the engineering work by ICON was superb - ICON should be proud of their accomplishments.” 

Project Engineer

Woodside Atwood Eagle Rig Modifications Project

“To support the Pluto offshore campaign, the Atwood Eagle MODU was contracted by Woodside. In order to safely and efficiently carryout the Subsea Operations for this campaign, a significant amount of modification work was required to be undertaken on the MODU.

The Pluto Gas Project is Woodside's premier project with both local and International exposure, the success of Woodside and of the Pluto project can in part be attributed to the highly dedicated nature of your engineers and the manner in which they conduct themselves.

Throughout design, fabrication and installation and in particular during the offshore installation phase of the project, Icon consistently showed a professionalism and dedication to task completion well above what was expected by Woodside. Thank you.” 

Subsea Engineer, Rig Superintendent

Woodside: Enfield, ENC01-RD1 Project

“The Woodside Enfield Team, want to congratulate ICON Engineering, and their sub-contractors for supporting us in the most professional and dedicated manner in supplying the Interface Structure for the Woodside Enfield, ENC01-RD1 well, it was quite an achievement. ICON completed this complex structure over a very tight schedule with no safety related incidents and within the budget, ICON worked well on this fast track project with Maersk, FMC and Woodside. ICONS “constant proactive support”, “uncompromised dedication” and professionalism is very much appreciated.” 

Drilling Superintendent

Woodside IFS: Nan Hai6 Project

“Congratulations to ICON on completing such a fantastic achievement in such a tight time frame. Thanks to all the Icon team and the host of support engineering shops who have worked long hours on the Nan Hai teams behalf. The ICON teams personal approach and willingness to take on whatever is thrown at them makes the execution of a Superintendents responsibility so much easier.” 

Drilling Superintendent

Woodside: Pluto Tension Frame Project

“Thanks to the Organisation at ICON for making this happen for Woodside. Well done on completing this job, although there were some good challenges, ICON did come out of it in good shape. The equipment has been exposed in the field and function as designed when most needed, Keep up the good work.” 


Woodside: Torosa-5 Dump Valve External Plug Project

“Woodside called ICON when faced with the prospect of having to pull the SEDCO 703 LMRP to repair an inoperable riser dump valve. Within two days Icon had completed design, fabrication and delivery of an ROV installable external plug, which installed and operated flawlessly first time. We understand and appreciate that ICON Engineering and their fabricators worked around the clock to meet our tight schedule. This equipment made a huge cost saving in to the millions of dollars. Woodside places great emphasis on exceptional performance, Icons Project team deserve our thanks” 

Well Delivery Manager

Woodside: Nan Hai 6 - Coil Tubing Works Project

 “Let me pass on the excellent feedback from the Nan Hai 6 offshore team, they are very impressed with ICON and the offshore installation of the coil tubing and other kit for the upcoming intervention. ICON crew was very well prepared,  very well supervised, very efficient, Very flexible, ICONs Housekeeping was exemplary and  all equipment installed works as designed This project could not have been ready for without ICONS involvement, A big well done and vote of thanks to all involved in this job.” 

Drilling Superintendent

Woodside: Vincent Coiled Tubing project

“Crew were very well prepared each day for their workscope: Permits and SJA's all done by 06:00 and ready to work.  Very well supervised: manpower allocated to specific projects very efficiently. Very flexible and informative.

Housekeeping was exemplary: always thoroughly tidied up along the way and at the end of each day.   Tools and equipment were fit for purpose and in good condition. All tooling required for the job was brought to site.   The job was executed to plan and design with minimal adjustments or modifications to installed hardware.

All installed items work as designed. Fully laden coiled tubing spool filled with fluid jacked off catwalk beams onto port side beams with skidding system as designed.  All crew contributed to rig HSE programme and integrated well with deck crew. No personnel issues.

Good flexibility on the run, modifying the moonpool reeler base design, installation and inspection. To summarise a very well executed job achieved in a tight timeframe with no issues. A big well done and vote of thanks to all involved in this job.”

Well site Manager - Nan Hai 6

Woodside: Far Stream demobilisation

“Good job once again. Thanks again for you and all your team’s on the Far Stream Scope this year.”

Tom McCarthy

Ensco: Flareboom installation

“Ensco would like to express their thanks to ICON for completing this job IIF (Incident and Injury Free), as well as embracing the STOP program and Ensco SSoW while on board. We will be looking at giving ICON preference in any future contract work on board based on your employees attituqes as well as performance.  Thanks again for a job well done!”

Ensco 7500 Rig Manager


“I can only second what [Ensco rep] has said. Your guys were professional and VERY efficient from what I saw when I got here. I would not hesitate in using or recommending your company for future work.”

ExxonMobil Senior Drilling Superintendent, World Wide Ventures Drill Team


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