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Drilling, Completions and Subsea Support

ICON has safely performed rig modifications and equipment interfacing scopes on all classes of mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) in support of Drilling, Completion and Testing operations across the globe.

ICON has a dedicated team of offshore experienced project, installation, subsea, mechanical and structural engineers that understand the fast paced nature of drilling operations and the requirement for quick turnaround and fit for purpose solutions. We provide turnkey solutions, optimised through detailed concept evaluation along with reference back to a large history of lessons learnt and past projects.

Our turnkey solutions are customised to suit our clients’ requirements. We can undertake all management, supervision, surveying, planning, detailed design, interfacing, fabrication and procurement, and installation and testing activities in-house or using our approved suppliers. This gives our clients confidence that the execution phase of our projects will be carried out efficiently, safely and to the requisite quality.

We have a proven track record of being able to deliver projects to meet even the most demanding schedule. Our dedicated team can be mobilised at short notice to assist in resolving and rectifying any unforeseen issues and can carry out any required design, fabrication and installation work in the shortest possible timeframe.

Over the past 20 years, ICON has developed extensive relationships with operators, rig owners, service companies and certifying authorities. This unique capability allows ICON to work semi-autonomously with all third party interfaces; to develop proposed concepts into detailed designs; obtain relevant approvals and verifications; and then proceed with fabrication and installation; all minimizing the workload on the drilling, subsea and completions engineers.

Typical Scopes of Work Include:

  • Deck additions, extensions and strengthening
  • Flare boom installation, load testing and king post upgrades
  • Subsea equipment handling and interfacing
  • Equipment installation, seafastening and deck grillages
  • 3D laser scans
  • High and low pressure piping
  • Hydraulic equipment upgrades and installations
  • Compensated and standard winches
  • Assistance with MODU selection and capability assessment
  • Dedicated in-house engineering support
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