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ARTP Back-Up Heave Compensated Tension Lift Frames

ICON’s ARTP Tension Frame range provides the ultimate solution for functionality and safety during high risk, “locked to bottom” operations. These operations include subsea well testing, intervention, completions and clean-up, where the consequence of primary rig compensation failure can be catastrophic.

The ARTP Tension Frame is a modular assembly, installed beneath the rig’s existing motion compensator and supports the completion workover riser (CWOR) or Subsea Landing String (SLS), providing rapid back-up protection in a lock-up event. The ARTP range offers operators an efficient solution for any offshore project.

ATRP B Series Image with Background set Black and White

An ARTP B-Series


ARTP C-Series ghana 2.jpg

An ARTP C-Series being exported to Africa


ICON has performed an extensive assessment into the risk of rig compensator lockup and highlighted a number of incidents worldwide. The assessment also reveals that in order to mitigate high consequence risks to ‘as low as reasonably practicable’, operators are more frequently opting to install independent back-up compensators to provide necessary redundancy.


Key Benefits of the ARTP Range:

  • Field proven technology that protects the completions workover riser against hazards associated with accidental lock-up of the rig's drill string compensator while locked-to-bottom
  • Provides passive heave compensation during locked-to-bottom operations, either as the primary compensator or as back-up compensator to the rig's drill string compensator
  • Much like traditional CCTLF’s (Compensating Coiled Tubing Lift Frames), the ARTP Tension Frame range provides a fixed PCE working window to rig-up surface pressure control equipment (PCE) and provides safe access for operating personnel. Suitable for both coiled tubing and wireline operations.
  • Modular frame designs, utilising standard drilling connections for efficient rig-up in varying derrick arrangements.
  • A comprehensive range of ICON support services from equipment specification, design and supply, right through to rig interface engineering, offshore installation, operations and maintenance.

The ICON ARTP Tension Frames consists of 5 models with varying degrees of riser tension protection and heave compensation capacity, resulting in an efficient and practical solution for every individual project.

For more information, please download the ARTP overview brochure

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