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ARTP C-Series Back-Up Compensated Tension Lift Frame

The ARTP C-Series is an integrated Tension Frame designed for providing both over and under tension protection of the completions workover riser (CWOR) or Subsea Landing String (SLS) whilst facilitating safe rig up of surface pressure control equipment (PCE). The C-Series is best suited for most applications where back-up to the drilling rig's primary heave compensator is required.


An ARTP C-Series full stack up in mid stroke


Key Benefits:

  • API 8C and DNV compliant

  • Suitable for load ratings from 500kips - 1500kips

  • Automatic over and under tension protection, providing rapid back-up heave compensation

  • Simple resettable functionality for quick resumption of normal operations

  • Customised equipment configurations to suit varying derrick arrangements

  • Fixed PCE operating window complete with man-rider and utility winches as required

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install, utilising standard drilling connections for minimum rig-up time


ARTP C Series Tension Lift Frame

An ARTP C-Series being transported to Ghana


For more information, download the ARTP Series C brochure

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