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ARTP D-Series Back-up Compensated Tension Lift Frame

The ARTP D-Series is an integrated Tension Frame which is able to provide passive or back-up heave compensation, incorporating ICON’s unique control valve arrangement for rapid completions workover riser (CWOR) or Subsea Landing String (SLS) protection.

The D-Series is best suited for workovers and completions in harsh operating sea states, where primary or back-up compensation is required with up to 10ft vessel heave. 

ARTP D-Series.jpg

An ICON ARTP D-Series Tension Frame



Key Benefits:

  • API 8C and DNV compliant

  • Suitable for load ratings from 500kips - 1500kips

  • Simple functionality to operate as passive or back-up heave compensator

  • Automatic over and under tension protection, providing rapid back-up heave compensation

  • Simple robust system with in-built redundancy and failsafe mechanisms to ensure no single point failure  

  • Customised equipment configurations to suit varying derrick arrangements

  • Interchangeable interfaces to surface equipment (I.e. Surface Flow Tree), with minimum stack-up height consumption

  • Fixed PCE operating window complete with man-rider and utility winches as required

  • Lightweight and easy to transport and install, utilising standard drilling connections for minimum rig-up time

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