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ARTP Frame Ancillary Equipment

ICON supplies a range of optional Lift Frame Ancillary Equipment which can be used to customise the features and functionality of our Tension Lift Frames, Coiled Tubing Lift Frames and Compensated Coiled Tubing Lift Frames.

Equipment Winches

During locked-to-bottom operations, it is often necessary to handle heavy PCE within the Lift Frames while the rig is heaving. Primary and secondary winches provide a safe and efficient means of handling PCE, and can be sized to meet specific client requirements. Depending on load and speed constraints, winches can be hydraulic or pneumatic (rig air) operated.

They can also be supplied with zone rated local and remote control. Classification Society Approved: Designed and tested to DNV 2.22, DNV OS-E101 or ABS CDS.

Man-Rider Winches

During locked-to-bottom operations, the Lift Frames will often heave relative to the rig. To provide additional safety whilst working at heights within the Lift Frame, a man-rider winch can be supplied. Man-rider winches can be supplied hydraulic or pneumatic (rig air) operated, and conform to offshore industry standards.    

Hydraulic Power Units

ICON can provide Hydraulic Power Units (HPU) suitable for supporting the operations of ICON Lift Frame winches. These units can be supplied in offshore rated shipping skids for permanent or temporary installation to the rig.

ICON also provides stand-alone HPU’s for control system pilot pressure and emergency fluid top up for ICON ARTP Tension Frames with integrated passive heave compensation. Larger HPU’s can be supplied in offshore rated shipping skids for permanent or temporary installation to the rig.

All HPU’s are supplied with suitable length control hoses/umbilicals based on the equipment location on the rig.

Access Platforms

Access platforms can be provided to enure a safe work environment for personel working on equipment within the Lift Frames.

CT Injector Head Jacking Table

The CT Injector Head Jacking Table is an add-on that can be fitted to ICON’s coiled tubing lift frame.

The Jacking Table supports the CT Injector Head during operations, allows the injector head to be jacked vertically and horizontally when changing out BHA/tool strings, and has fine adjustment for landing and making up the Injector Head above the BOP. An interchangeable interface plate allows customisation to different injector heads.

Wireline Manipulator Arms

Wireline manipulator arms enable operators to alternate between coiled tubing (CT) and wireline (WL), without the downtime associated with having to rig down the stack.  This allows for a more flexible and efficient operation.

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