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Conductor Tensioner Control Unit (CTCU)

The ICON CTCU (Conductor Tensioner Control Unit) is designed to operate in conjunction with ICON Conductor Tensioner models / systems.

  • The CTCU unit is fully self-contained

  • The CTCU unit is stand alone

  • The CTCU unit is tailored to clients' drilling program or rig design

Standard Features of the Conductor Tensioner Control Unit (CTCU):

  • CTCU: The fully self-contained power unit is supplied with two 27m hydraulic hoses to enable the unit to be positioned on the main rig deck remote from the tension deck. Hydraulic fluid is stored in the tank on the unit. A hydraulic power pump driven by utility air, electric or hydraulic supply is used to provide hydraulic pressure. Accumulators are used to provide compliance to the load.
  • Simple control system: The tensioner can be operated in three modes: extend (i.e. apply tension), retract and lock. Generic control panel markings: Tensioner online / Tensioner Lock off / Tensioner Retract.
  • Designed for safety: Cylinders protected from over-pressurisation, accumulators from over pressure due to fire and limited maximum tension through relief valves.
  • User adjustable relief value: An additional user adjustable relief valve allows a range of relief valve settings to be achieved (0 – max operating pressure).
  • Adjustable tension maintained automatically: Tension is maintained by the accumulators and the hydraulic pump which will cut in and out automatically.
  • Lock off facility: The unit incorporates a lock off facility to hydraulically lock the tensioner unit e.g. during conductor cementing operations.
  • Low maintenance requirements: Extensive use of corrosion resistant alloy components including the tank, control panel, pressure gauges, tubes and fittings, and accumulator gas end ensures trouble free service in a harsh offshore environment.
  • Panel cover: A fold down panel cover is provided to protect panel from dropped objects and spillage.
  • Frame and rigging certification: Frame and rigging are conservatively designed and can be supplied to comply with offshore lifting standards.

Optional Features of the Conductor Tensioner Control Unit:

  • Remote pressure monitoring: Intrinsically safe pressure transducer (4-20mA) can be provided on request.
  • Weather cover: PVC weather cover can be provided for when tensioner control unit is not in use.


ICON's Conductor Tensioner Control Units are corrosion resistant.jpg

ICON's Conductor Tensioner Control Units are corrosion resistant
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