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Conductor Tensioning Units (CTUs): Push type

ICON Conductor Tensioners are designed to support all standard size drilling conductors from 9 3/8” to 36” when deployed from a dedicated tension deck on a jackup drilling rig.

Constantly applied tension prevents conductor buckling, controls lateral deflection and helps reduce vortex induced vibration under wave and current loading. This allows much smaller conductor sizes to be used.

Recessed and Split Styles available (<= 500 Tonnes Capacity).


ICON has sold hundreds of Conductor Tensioners to drilling and production companies around the world.


The ICON Conductor Tensioner allows the conductor support to move vertically whilst maintaining the nominally pre-set tension. It also provides the necessary lateral support to the top of the conductor.


A recessed push type Conductor Tensioner Unit (CTU).jpg

A recessed push type Conductor Tensioner Unit (CTU)


Standard Features

  • Recessed deck installation: Tensioner designed for simple lowering into recessed deck. Tensioner is easily accessible and may be quickly removed for rig shifts. (Can also be mounted above deck)
  • Above deck split Installation: Tensioner designed to enable side access of conductor for ease of subsea module installation. (Aft access required on tension deck)
  • Safety relief system: The control unit is equipped with integral relief valves to ensure that maximum allowable loads transmitted to the tension deck are not exceeded
  • Adjustable tension: The applied tension is fully adjustable to the maximum rated unit capacity.
  • Large clear pass opening: The tensioner has a 37½” (952mm) clear opening through the unit.
  • Interchangeable inserts: Bushes can be provided for each of the conductor sizes up to a maximum size of 30”. (No bushes required for 36” conductors)
  • Low maintenance requirements: Extensive use of corrosion resistant alloy components in the hydraulic system ensures trouble free service in a harsh offshore environment.

Optional Features

  • Weather cover: PVC weather cover can be provided for when tensioner is not in use.
  • Additional Certification: Unit can be supplied with ABS+CDS certification and can include DNV on request
  • Training: ICON can provide training in use of the tensioner equipment as well as advice on the correct tensions to apply during the drilling programme.
  • Choice of Bushes: Select 30’’, 20’’, 13 3/8’’ and/or 9 5/8’’ bushes to suit drilling requirements. Icon can also custom build to suit other conductor sizes.

CTU Insert Bushes

ICON Insert Bushes are designed to support all standard size drilling conductors from 13 3/8” to a maximum size of 30” in conjunction with the ICON T-series Push Type Conductor Tensioner Systems and also tensioners from other manufacturers.

CTU Bush conductor diameter.png

CTU bush conductor diameter


Technical Specifications  
Design Codes  API 7K
Classification DNVGL/ABS upon request
Ambient Temperature -0oC to 50oC
Tension Capacity 160-500Te (or as required)
Conductor Sizing 9-5/8” to 36”
Typical Stroke 300mm (or as required)
Operating Pressure 215-230 bar
Typical Dimensions 1750mm x 1524mm x 1310mm
Nominal Weight 4,500kg
Hydraulic Fluid Water Glycol


Typical Tension Variation Vs Stroke:    
25mm 50mm 75mm
4.9% 10.2% 16.0%
Note: Control unit can be customised to suit maximum conductor tension variation allowances    
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