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Drilling and Completions Support

ICON’s engineers are familiar with drilling and completions operations and understand the requirements to operate or run the associated equipment. ICON also recognises the importance of fast-track delivery when preparing for drilling, testing and completion projects.

Some of ICON’s typical drilling and completions support projects includes:

  • Flareboom in-place capacity checks, including existing Kingpost and rig structure, and if necessary provide the engineering, procurement and installation personnel to perform strengthening works.
  • Planning of subsea equipment installation and on-board storage during cyclones and bad weather.
  • Design, manufacture and installation of skidding systems for handling of subsea equipment including trees and flowbases
  • Interfacing of coil tubing and well test spreads including deck layout planning and seafastening
  • Marine Riser Tensioner capacity increases
  • Piping and valve upgrades to drilling mud systems, well test lines and standpipes.
  • Design, fabrication and installation of false rotary tables which save on critical path tool make up time.
  • Installation of temporary firewalls to provide protection during well testing
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