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Coiled Tubing and Wireline Support

ICON is familiar with the equipment required for completing offshore coiled tubing operations offshore. ICON can sequence the installation of the CT injector units and wireline BOP to ensure all items fit within the envelope of the tension lift frame / Coiled Tubing Lift Frame.

Trial rig up of coiled tubing lift frames and associated pressure control equipment can be undertaken in ICONs purpose built test tower in its Carlisle yard. Clients can perform clash checks, undertake training and equipment familiarity in a controlled facility prior to rigging up equipment on critical path rig time, potentially leading to significant cost savings.

ICON prevents potential for clashes by using its Carlisle yard for onshore testing and trialling.

ICON can ensure all supporting hardware during coil tubing operations are safely located and seafastened on deck. Coil tubing spoolers are often bulky and heavy items. ICON has many years of experience in designing simple structures and skid beams for supporting coil tubing spoolers.

Where geometry/ space constraints prevent a simple skid beam structure from being used, ICON can provide A frame structures to support the spooler being located over a catwalk for example.

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