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Gravel Pack Support

ICON understands our client’s key drivers when positioning and installing Gravel Pack systems on both rigs and vessels.

Different situations call for different solutions, be they for short-term, removable, long-term installation of equipment, or, rig or vessel deployment.

gravel pack support.jpg

Installing Gravel pack equipment on a drilling rig for Woodside's Enfield project.


ICON designed solutions:

•       Provide the ability to stack equipment for additional deck space

•       Secure the equipment on the deck for sea fastening;

•       Distribute loading to increase a rig deck’s capacity

•       Provide guidance for stacking workshops and equipment;

•       Provide custom anti-vibration stacking clamps;

•       Allow safe and assessed personnel access to all equipment.

•       Are safe, efficient to install and remove offshore


Farstream gravel pack.jpg

The completed Gravel Pack equipment spread



gravel pack support 2.jpg

Running gravel pack support operations


ICON MODU access deck.jpg

Deck layout to support Gravel pack operations 


Gravel pack support deck layout.jpg

Another deck configuration supporting Gravel Pack operations
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