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Engineering Disciplines

ICON has been performing multi-disciplinary engineering for our clients for over twenty years.  

ICON has strategic relationships with relevant companies to complement the skills of ICON and to ensure that all technical disciplines are covered from multiple geographic locations. 

ICON and its partners can provide experienced personnel in the following major engineering disciplines: 

  • Process 

  • Mechanical 

  • Piping 

  • Structural 

  • Civil 

  • Architectural 

  • Electrical  

  • Instrument 

  • Telecoms 

  • Loss Prevention/Technical HSE 

  • Pipelines 

  • Subsea Systems 

  • Naval Architecture 

In addition, ICON and its partners has specialist technical skills in specific engineering areas such as: 

  • Vibration analysis 

  • CFD studies 

  • RAM studies 

  • Material selection and corrosion studies 

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