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Decommissioning and Field Abandonment

ICON has performed decommissioning and/or abandonment studies for clients on an on-going basis for more than 15 years. We have worked on the abandonment of fields we have helped initially install, so we have real life-cycle experience.


ICON recognises the importance to our clients of successful execution of these end-of-life activities. We also understand the importance of considering abandonment during Greenfield design. ICON has access to industry leading partners as needed, depending on the size and complexity of the project.  

ICON applies the same innovative methodology in removing oilfield assets as it does in installing them.  If possible, ICON will concurrently engineer the abandonment of wells with the removal of associated platforms to facilitate one cost-effective, integrated operation, instead of a staged one using multiple assets.

Icon Exceed partnership

ICON and Exceed offer a wide range of services to Energy Companies, with one of the key provisions being Light Weight Intervention (LWIV), Decommissioning and Abandonment solutions. The companies are recognised industry leaders with ICON having 20 years of decommissioning project experience in Asia, Australia, and many other hydrocarbon provinces, and Exceed having executed over 160 decommissioning and abandonment project in the North Sea and around the world.

ICON and Exceed provide a combined service that ensures all field abandonment issues relating to facilities and wells are viewed as a whole, thereby ensuring that all possible synergies are realized in the decommissioning program.

BOP Tethered System

ICON and our partners have been closely involved in subsea well tethering projects in recent times. In all cases ICON works alongside the client company to develop the most suitable tethering system for the given application. Critical aspects in the engineering phase include assessment of the in-situ condition of all relevant well components, anticipated range of loadings during future well activities, and the most suitable means of foundation support for the tethering arrangements.



BOP Suction can for Tethered BOP system

Suction Cans and Blow Out Preventor (BOP) Tensioners are used to mitigate potential fatigue to wellheads whilst supporting the significant weight of the BOP during well decommissioning.


Click here for more information on BOP Tethering and Wellhead Fatigue Mitigation.


Please click here for BOP Tethering and Suction CAN rental details.

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