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Feasibility Studies and Concept Engineering

ICON has performed numerous feasibility and concept selection studies over its long history.  

ICON works alongside its Clients to provide feasible development solutions – with focus on key areas such as: technical viability, economic return, capex and opex considerations, opportunity and risk assessment, economic return etc.

Where necessary ICON will access independent technical support in specialist areas – the primary focus is always on delivering the best solution for the client.  

ICON prides itself on being completely impartial and ensuring that all options are evaluated equally.

ICON has performed feasibility work in the client offices or in our own offices – depending on what suits the client best. 

ICON has access to relevant cost and schedule data bases, and past project metrics to ensure the project economics have the latest relevant data.


Rivoli braced monpod diagram (Master).jpg

Minimal Facility monopod wellhead platform.


Opt1 Cover.jpg

A field development concept.


Top Deck – Hydraulic Workover Unit (HWU) layout schematic..jpg

A concept for the top deck configuration of a hydraulic workover unit (HWU).
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