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Onshore SIT, Trial Rig-Up and Function Testing

The ICON ARTP Tension Frames have been designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of subsea well completions, well testing and well interventions from floating rigs.

In addition to providing the functionality of traditional coiled tubing lift frames, the ARTP Tension Frame incorporates advanced features to protect the riser / landing string against accidental loads which may result from lockup / stroke out of the rig's motion compensator.

All ARTP Tension Frames are put through an extensive test regime before mobilising offshore. This testing, as illustrated in this video includes full scale onshore rig-up and interface checks, function testing, extended cyclic testing simulating offshore heave conditions, and interface testing with 3rd party PCE. This is critical to ensure hassle free offshore operations.

Watch the onshore Rigging Up and Testing of the ARTP E-Series:


Upper spreader beam for Tension lift frame (TLF), with paint removed for annual NDT testing

ICON supervises the SIT testing of its Tension Lift Frame and all compenents wherever a client wishes, shown in this example in an Asian yard, prior to offshore deployment.
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