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Coiled Tubing Lift Frames (CTLF) (Rental)

Streamline your offshore coiled tubing operations with ICON's Coiled Tubing Lift Frame (CTLF).

ICON's CTLF is designed specifically to optimise the safety and efficiency of coiled tubing operations on floating rigs. The CTLF has been ingeniously engineered to integrate beneath the rig's top drive using standard drilling bails, ensuring quick and hassle-free installation.

ICON's CTLF provides a fixed working window for rigging up coiled tubing BOP's, injector heads and wireline/slickline operations. Equipped with a lower spreader beam and side arm access platforms, the safety and ease of access for personnel has been prioritised.

Experience the pinnacle of offshore rental equipment with ICON's CTLF. Contact us today to embark on your journey towards success.

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