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Conductor Bearing Type Clamp (Rental)

ICON's Bearing Type clamp bolts around the conductor and bears on a pre-welded load ring or the underside of the wellhead. The clamp sits down on top of an insert bush.

The Bearing Type Clamp is designed to support all standard size drilling conductors from 9 5/8” to a maximum size of 36” in conjunction with the ICON T-series Push Type Conductor Tensioner Systems. They will also work with  tensioners from other manufacturers.

The Bearing Type clamps are lower cost and do not require any special skills to install. The load ring is usually pre-attached to the upper conductor joint.

ICON Bearing Type Conductor Gripper
Model Conductor Diameter Load Capacity Dimension
Imperial (inches) Metric (mm) Tonnes L x W x H (mm)
B36 36" 914 230 1260 x 1120 x 150
B30 30" 762 230 1108 x 968 x 150
B22 22" 559 230 905 x 770 x 150
B20 20" 508 227 854 x 718 x 150
B1338 13 3/8" 340 150 683 x 546 x 150


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