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Suction Cans and BOP Tethers (Rental)

ICON has eight Rental Suction Cans available for BOP tethering. Suction Cans are a well-established method of providing a solid foundation for BOP tensioning systems in soft seabed conditions. 

BOP tensioning is often needed in well P&A operations to mitigate against potential fatigue of the wellhead whilst supporting the significant weight of modern BOP's which are often heavier that the original BOP's used in development phases. 

The ICON Suction Cans are designed to be recovered and redeployed for use on multiple similar operations. ICON partners with Norwegian Geotechnical Institute for the geotechnical analysis to validate the CAN design for particular soils. 

The Suction Cans can be deployed and recovered using either a Construction Supply Vessel (CSV) or Anchor Handling Tug (AHT) Vessel using Remote Operating Vehicle and ICON pump system.

Various mechanical tensioning systems are available via our partners.

Contact [email protected] for further details and availability.


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