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Braced Monopod Wellhead Platforms

ICON's existing detailed design for installing Braced Monopods, often using suction pile technology) offers a number of advantages to clients seeking an efficient, cost-effective method of achieving early production.

 Braced Monopod.jpg

A pair of braced monopods



  • Installable with or without a derrick barge

  • Even installable without a jackup rig (ballasted upend)

  • Bracing to CPP allows for monopod structure (otherwise 20m)

  • Significant vertical load capacity

  • Negligible vertical load added to existing structure

  • ICON has an existing detailed design

Suction bucket founded monopods typically use less steel than the associated standard piled platform, can be installed significantly quicker (days instead of 10's of days) and are almost noise free.

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