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Minimal Braced Wellhead Platform Structures

For minimal wellhead platforms where wave loading is high, the water is deep or in otherwise high fatigue environments, braced structures are often required. 

In these cases ICON provides a simple well support structure, which can range from a short braced template for a structure in say 30m or a taller template supporting wells in 60m waterdepth.

Rivoli braced monpod diagram (Master).jpg

The Rivoli braced monopod design


The optimal solution typically depends on the wave climate, fatigue environment, deck facilities and weight, future expansion plans. We have completed so many different projects, a proven solution is probably almost off the shelf from our extensive project archives.

Braced Monopod.jpg

A pair of braced monopods, acting as a platform annex


There is lots of different terminology in the market place and claims of special proprietary designs covering minimal platforms, monopods, duopods, braced monopods, wellhead support structures, short template structures, conductor supported platform, stacked template structures, tall template structures.

The reality is that no one solution fits every situation. At ICON, we have delivered a very wide range of solutions, we have a track record of designing and installing them all, and so have a very good insight into which solution is in fact the best for each unique situation.

Fabrication of Minimal braced jacket 1.JPG

Fabrication of the Wandoo A minimal braced jacket


In regions where the wave climate, water depth, soil and deck loads are similar, of course there is great opportunities for standardisation.

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