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MinnowPod Wellhead Platforms

The MinnowPod Wellhead Platform philosophy is a shallow water solution that requires strengthened conductors that not only serve as surface casings of exploration wells where there is a high probability of success, but can also be retained for later conversion to minimal offshore structures in the event that a discovery is made.

A typical 2 well Minnowpod configured for gaslifted production from one well and water disposal into the other. Self-erecting wireline equipment is also shown.jpg

A typical 2 well Minnowpod configured for gaslift production


The concept is based around strengthened 30” conductor with mechanical connectors. If the well is unsuccessful, the monopod is cutoff at the mudline and recovered for re-use.

If the well proves commercial appropriate topsides are then designed and post installed, together with a tie back.

This approach has seen many MinnowPod installations in the Carnarvon Basin.

A pair of Minnowpod completed and suspended conductors awaiting installation of topsides.jpg

A pair of MinnowPod conductors awaiting installation of topsides


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