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MODU Well Bay Modules

Given ICON's world leading experience in the provision of jack-up installed platforms, it has been a natural next step for us to develop this knowledge into the design and provision of MOPU/MODPU-based well bay modules.

modu deck

 Installing well bay modules


Well bay modules are designed to support a single or multi well array in a similar way to a traditional platform, but removing the need for the CAPEX commitment to a fixed platform and therefore significantly improving the economics of marginal developments.

well bay modules.JPG

Well bay modules


Designing a well bay module that is to be mounted on the hull of the MOPU requires:

  • A detailed knowledge of how risers behave in changing environments,
  • Extensive understanding of drilling activities and how best to improve efficiency by designing structures that do not inhibit any stage of the drilling programme.
  • Considerable experience of how drilling rigs work and all of the activities involved in a multi-well drilling campaign.
  • Consideration of the production processes on-board and how the wells interface with facilities and equipment.

ICON considers that our proven track record in providing these services and our experience in both field development and rig upgrades, makes us unique within the industry.

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