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Rig-Installed Wellhead Platforms

Why mobilise a fleet of offshore construction vessels to install your proposed field?  A jackup drilling rig will provide all the necessary lifting and installation capacity and for a fraction of the cost of a marine construction spread.

ICON is legendary for being the world’s leading installer of platforms using jackup drilling rigs.

ICON has the enviable track record of installing more offshore platforms using jackup drilling rigs than any other company worldwide.

We are justifiably proud of ICON’s reputation for innovative thinking and extensive operational experience which has placed us as the world leader in minimum facility design, asset enhancement and field development concept selection.

What makes ICON unique is our experience in designing and installing different styles of platforms.

Cliffhead Topsides Installation.jpg

Installing the Cliff Head topsides


We understand that every development has challenges that are specific to that project and we are able to select the best solution to fit a client’s needs rather than trying to stretch the capabilities of only one design to fit a particular application.

Our skilled engineering team works with clients to select the most suitable style of structure, and then use our wealth of operational experience to provide an optimised and cost-effective method of implementation.

ICON has the design expertise and extensive offshore experience required to ensure platform installations are carried out safely and seamlessly at minimum cost. Our project portfolio is testimony to this, with successful installations in Australia, South East Asia and the North Sea.


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