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Self-Installing Mini-MOPUs, Wellhead Platforms & Topsides

ICON has perfected the science of installing offshore facilities without the use of a drilling rig or a large crane barge.

ICON can also design cost effective flexible alternatives to standard topsides where different operations are required for only part of the platform’s life.

Self-Installing Platforms

Self-installing platforms allow for installation without the use of a drilling rig or large crane barge.

This method may be economically advantageous where a drilling rig is not already on hand, as derrick barges are expensive to mobilise and operate.

ICON has the technical knowhow and experience to equip self-installing Platforms with a range of adaptable foundations making them ideally suited for small, prolific fields.

Self-Installing Topsides

This approach involves winching modules to the underside of superstructures before they are secured in place. This concept allows for a cost effective flexible alternative to standard topsides where different operations are required for only a part of the platform’s life.

The module interface can be standardised allowing for flexible reuse of modules on prolific fields. ICON has pioneered the design and installation of self-installing topsides.


The ICON Mini-MOPU is a relocatable self-installing offshore production platform. It is designed for low cost delivery and installation. It suits relocation due to its jackup-like design.

Unlike traditional buoyant MOPU’s the platform does not have in-built buoyancy or a permanent in-built jacking system. The installation method eliminates this need. The result is a significantly lighter and lower cost structure which does not need to be designed to float or have expensive permanent jacking systems.

The benefit is a lower total cost solution, and a significantly lower cost per unit for multi-platform field developments. The installation hardware is rented or used multiple times, thereby reducing the unit cost and CAPEX.

ICON’s Mini-MOPU solution has many unique features including:

  • The primary structure can be fabricated while removable modules are being designed and built.
  • The well bay design allows well handover to a more permanent fixed production platform and redeployment of the Mini-MOPU if desired.
  • No permanent buoyancy required, eliminating expensive permanent hull and associated marine hardware.
  • Removable jacking system, able to be redeployed on multiple Mini-MOPU’s.
  • Three different foundation solutions available: suction piles, driven piles & drilled piles.

ICON's MiniMOPU marginal field design.jpg

ICON's Mini-MOPU marginal field design.

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