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ICON’s origins are from Offshore Oil and Gas. Our design and management systems originally evolved based on servicing that sector. We have successfully executed projects in a variety of other industries as many Clients realise some of the careful design, planning and execution rigour required for executing offshore projects can equally be applied to other industries.

As customer personnel move industries, they continue to return to ICON for solutions, so over the years we have expanded into other sectors, often via referral. We have broadly experienced personnel who have multi-industry backgrounds bringing together lessons learned and experience from different industries. 

Some of the major industries where ICON are active include:

  • Oil and gas - Offshore

  • Oil and gas - Onshore

  • Downstream

  • Gas Transmission

  • Renewables

  • Power

  • Refining

  • Petrochem

Many of the skills and experience that ICON has developed over the last twenty years, or that our staff possess, are able to be applied to many industries. So contact ICON with your specific requirements. 

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