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Conductor Tension Decks

Most modern jack-ups are delivered with a conductor deck as standard equipment.

Older series rigs were often lacking a conductor deck when first delivered. ICON can provide conductor decks of standardised design to suit any jack up including the following early generation rigs:

  • Marathon Le Tourneau 116C
  • Friede and Goldman L780 Mod II
  • Baker Marine Corporation 350

ICON can provide fixed or sliding extensions for existing conductor deck designs to enhance their capability and increase rig installation tolerances. Our designs consider:-

  • Options for Variable and Fixed Positioning
  • Clients Drilling Envelope

The "ICON Variable Position Conductor Tension Deck" has been developed to provide a universal working platform which accommodates various conductor positions, thus eliminating the need to move the drilling rig. In addition, the deck enables multiple wells to be drilled at the one location and can accommodate a larger tolerance when positioning the rig.

Maximising the drilling envelope is made possible by movements Fwd-Aft (via open-slots created within the conductor deck) and movements Port-Starboard (via the new support structure welded onto the rig transom).

An additional feature of the deck is the ease with which installation and removal is achieved. When not in use, the deck simply folds up with its collapsible support arms easily moving out of the way.

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