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Deck Extensions, Strengthening, Access Platforms & Gangways

ICON has extensive experience with deck extensions and deck strengthening projects.

Where existing deck structure does not meet client requirements, ICON have designed, fabricated and installed deck extensions to improve rig capabilities.

extension deck3

An ICON designed extension deck in the lowered position



Third party equipment (such as gravel pack spreads, surge tanks and subsea trees) often exceeds the allowable deck loading of a MODU, or requires additional deck space.

extension deck4

The same extension deck in the raised position


ICON is able to perform site surveys and detailed analysis to confirm the optimum solution, whether that be spreader beams, upgrades to existing deck beams, or additional deck structure.

ICON’s experience and expertise ensures the most efficient solution is achieved.

Modifications to Texas deck guide wires also shown.jpg

Modifications to a Texas deck
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