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Rig Site and 3D Surveys

ICON can provide Site Surveying services to assist with the planning of site modification and repairs. We achieve this by providing pre-construction Survey Reports and Spatial Modelling Services.

To help you gauge the scope of work involved for an onsite construction job, ICON can provide Site Survey reports that detail all the predicted work involved. After completing a site survey, a comprehensive report listing ICON findings, options and recommendations for the proposed work is issued. With ICONs experience in executing construction work, required equipment, schedule and budget estimate to undertake the job can also be provided with the report. Clients often opt to engage ICON to complete the follow on design, procurement and construction work to streamline the project and minimise costs.

A common problem encountered in brownfield work is obtaining accurate information on the layout of a facility. 3D Laser Scanning allows for accurate site representations to be captured and loaded into 3D drawing packages. This technology is ideal for accurately capturing areas with tight clearances for proposed modification or areas that are potentially dangerous to survey by conventional methods.

ICON can organise the use of 3D Laser Scanning to capture the onsite arrangement of a facility for any proposed work. The results can then be modelled and produced into drawings to assist with the planning of the proposed works.

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