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Subsea Drilling Templates and Protective Structures

ICON is able to design and supply a wide range of subsea drilling templates to suit all client requirements. Our drilling template designs assist with accurate well spacings and some designs allow for docking pile slot configurations to assist with platform jacket installations.

We offer our clients a complete package covering initial discussions on conceptual designs through to the final design, manufacture, FAT and load testing and onto mobilisation and installation offshore. ICON can offer a comprehensive portfolio of installation equipment ranging from heavy lift equipment through to specifically designed running tools, fibre optic gyro equipment and various other products and services.

Our engineering team also produces detailed procedures to assist with the safe and accurate installation of all our subsea drilling templates.

We offer designs in:

  • Bottom founded or casing supported requirements allowing for differing seabed conditions and drilling methodology

  • Template can size allowing for the conductor and coupling dimensions being run

  • Docking pile requirements (whether fixed or removable)

  • Guide funnels accommodating Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) requirements

  • Lifting and running parameters

  • Cathodic protection and other potential client requirements.

All designs can be designed to withstand any potential loading issues arising from running in hole with drilling bottom hole assemblies, or from docking the platform jacket as well as any environmental and installation concerns.

The installation of any subsea drilling template has to be completed to a high degree of accuracy to account for future jacket installation tolerances and tie back requirements. ICON supplies a team of experienced Project and Service Engineering teams to complete such projects. These engineering teams are also fully trained in the use of all additional running and installation equipment.

Why choose ICON to supply your Drilling Template?

  • We offer a complete package from the initial conceptual design through to manufacture, testing and offshore installation

  • We offer a cost effective and safe installation option from vessels or rigs

  • Templates supplied as bottom founded or casing supported

  • Designs can include and cover docking pile slots, guide funnels, docking and environmental loadings, various slot spacings, etc.

  • Installed by dedicated and experienced ICON Engineers

Some of the various services supplied for Subsea Drilling Templates:

  • Supply full design, manufacture, testing and installation service to the client

  • Complete detailed installation procedures

  • Designed to be installed from a rig or vessel

  • Can assist with all running and retrieval services and operations

  • Can supply various installation and retrieval tooling and equipment packages

  • Can supply weight installed locking mechanisms or bespoke designed systems to suit clients requirements

  • Design, manufacture, supply and install platform docking piles

ICON's detailed knowledge of drilling operations ensures that our engineering is focussed on the delivery of value adding solutions and services that help to reduce cost and manage risk.

Typical engineering support to drilling operations has included:

  • Conductor tension plans

  • Conductor analysis / VIV Analysis

  • Anchoring and mooring plans

  • Rig approach studies

  • Structural analysis

  • Tieback engineering and support

An example of engineering in support of drilling has been the development of an in-house conductor analysis system that allows ICON to determine the required tension and subsequent stresses in the conductor string a given depth and conductor make-up. This analysis can be used to produce a conductor tension plan and determine the optimum tension for a given well. 


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