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Xmas Tree Running

ICON has extensive experience in the engineering of the deployment of Subsea equipment from MODUs. Our team can navigate the smallest of clearances to ensure safe and efficient operations.

Typical scopes of work include:

  • Preparation of engineered lift plans and storyboards for Trees, Flowbases, THDs, EDP and LRP
  • Design of Guidance Systems (guide axles etc) for safe deployment of equipment into moonpools
  • Design of Handling Skids and Inspection Stands
  • Structural deck checks
  • BOP and XT Transporter interfaces
  • Design and supply of Umbilical arches
  • Sea-fastening design
  • Design of reeler support frames and sea-fastening
  • Mobilisation of crews and equipment to carry out installation of rig interfaces and all required rig modifications

Tree Running Tool Frame, TRT Inspection & Test Stand and Jacking Mechanism

Tree Running Tool Frame, TRT Inspection and Test Stand and Jacking Mechanism

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