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Mid Depth Buoys / Mid Water Arches

ICON has designed mid depth buoys using both steel pressure vessel buoyancy tanks as well as syntactic foam buoyancy systems.

Each system has its advantages and the optimum solution will depend on the required size of the mid water arch, the number of risers to be supported, the depth of deployment and the design life of the subsea facilities.

We have also designed mid depth buoys with fully redundant tether systems and also tether replacement systems in order to enhance reliability and asset life.

The marine transportation and installation of any offshore asset can have a major impact on the total installed cost of the asset. ICON draws on its substantial track record of offshore installations to ensure that Mid Depth Buoy system designs are tailored to suit the specific needs of the chosen installation spread and to ensure the safest and most efficient installation program.

Read ICON Principal Engineer and Co-founder Garrick Aberle’s OTC paper on his Mid Depth Buoy design for INPEX’s Ichthys LNG project. Mid Depth Buoy Design for Long Life using Syntactic Foam Buoyancy, Redundant and Replaceable Tether Systems.

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