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Suction Piles and Suction Cans

Suction piles have a number of advantages over conventional offshore foundations, mainly being quicker to install than piles and being easier to remove during decommissioning.

This methodology is now used extensively worldwide for anchoring large offshore installations to the seafloor at great depths, or where the seabed is soft clays or low strength sediments.


ICON is well versed in the use of Suction Piles for installing Offshore Platform Substructures and can achieve successful installations with minimal difficulties.

Suction Cans

Suction Cans are a well-established method of providing a solid foundation in soft seabed conditions for subsea mechanical tensioners which are tethered to a Blow Out Preventor (BOP).

Suction Cans and tensioners are used to mitigate against potential fatigue of the wellhead whilst supporting the significant weight of the BOP during well decommissioning. 

The Suction Cans are designed to be able to be reconfigured for similar operations in the future.

The Suction Cans can be deployed and recovered using either a Construction Supply Vessel (CSV) or Anchor Handler Tug Supply (AHTS) Vessel and a Remote Operating Vehicle (ROV). 

Norwegian Geotechnical Institute Partnership

NGI logo.png

ICON works closely with our Strategic Partner NGI (Norwegian Geotechnical Institute). NGI has played a major role over the last 25 years in the development and application of suction anchors. It is among the world leaders concerning the continued development and geotechnical design of suction anchors.

NGI has been involved with more than 100 skirted caisson design/installation projects world-wide, encompassing more than 500 individual foundations.

The Institute is world leader in suction anchor design and in combination with ICON’s extensive offshore structural and installation engineering capabilities, the partnership is able to deliver reliable and innovative integrated solutions.

For more details on BOP Tethering involving Suction Cans, please click here.


For information regarding renting Suctions Can and BOP Tethering assets, please click here.

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