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Topsides Installation by Floatover

ICON has developed a hydraulic lowering system for fast load transfer suitable for topsides up to 1,500 tonnes and single tower jackets.

This method is cost competitive compared to traditional crane barge installation systems, especially for multiple installations of satellite platform topsides.

Floatover Instalaltion 04.jpg

Floatover installation operations


It minimises installation weather risk and docking loads. When our hydraulic lowering system is combined with a cantilevered truss arrangement, installation by floatover can be achieved even where the sub-structure is not able to withstand large mooring or installation forces.

A conventional, low cost cargo barge can be adapted for topside installation by the fitting of floatover trusses.

Floatover Installation 01.jpg


The ICON truss system:

  • Is easily adapted to a wide range of barges

  • Allows loadout of the topsides by the simple “skidding” technique

  • Supports the topsides in an inboard position for sea transit

  • Allows skidding of the topsides to the truss ends for hydraulic lift and placement onto jacket

  • Houses the hydraulic lifting and lowering system

  • The ICON topsides floatover system uses long stroke, high load capacity cylinders with a sophisticated hydraulic control system offering dual speed cylinder retraction for load placement.

Floatover Installation 05.jpg

Floatover installation of the West Patricia WP-PA wellhead platform 


The hydraulic system also drives:

  • The integrated barge to jacket docking system and

  • The topsides skidding system.

Comprehensive barge motion analysis and barge to jacket docking analysis has been validated by laboratory tank testing which was performed in collaboration with the Australian Maritime College research facility in Tasmania.

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